Adult Learning Experiences

Workshops & Learning Series

Learn the tools and strategies for joyful learning through our workshops and learning series. With a foundation, you’ll enable yourself to create culturally relevant nature-based practices and relationships. When we begin to honor culture and explore well-being, you’ll inspire joy for yourself and others. These learning experiences help you create the curriculum or programming that is right for your family or education setting.

Family Experiences

What is a…? & Skills for liberation series

Family experiences provide opportunities for children preschool-5th grade to learn from and about past and present Indigenous, Black, and People of Color’s (IBPOC) narratives and roles in nature. We partner with local IBPOC to curate an interactive experience that explores multicultural literature and enriching activities related to the partner’s role. For example What is a Community Gardener? What is a Poultry Farmer? We also offer 6-week skills for liberation series, grounded in local cultural knowledge, focused on developing skills that supports well-being such as gardening, animal care, and the arts in nature.

Coaching & Consulting

For individuals & organizations

Often nature-based organizations wonder how do we engage more diverse people in nature? Why aren’t more Indigenous, Black or People of Color engaged in nature? These are very common questions posed. However, if we really want to address these questions, we should dig deeper and ask: What institutional barriers and racialized structures have been put in place historically that have limited Indigenous, Black and People or Color’s access to nature? What are ways in which IBPOC already access nature that is relevant to them and how do we align our practices accordingly? These are the types of deeper questions we support organizations to explore through coaching and community-based inquiry which can support the development of strategic plans, programs and curriculum that meet your goals.