Ashley Brailsford Vaughns, Ph.D.

Curator of Joyful Learning

I love the joyful learning that takes place when I embrace wonder and celebrate the lives and experiences of children, families, and communities around me. Joyful learning is built on my values of social justice, autonomy, collaboration, exploration, and nature. Giving you the confidence to develop your own joyful learning experiences while meeting goals for families, educators and communities can transform your practices, relationships and organization.

Our Joyful Learning Community curates nature-based education experiences, coaching, and consulting for families, educators, and organizations that seek to embrace wonder, celebrate culture, and inspire joy. My goal is to work with clients to use existing assets and opportunities in their education settings and communities to meet their goals. I do this through guiding the creation of culturally relevant community-based inquiry, program development, and strategic planning built upon creativity and well-being.

Whether when I was a 1st-3rd grade teacher, early childhood professor, or family literacy program director, I have always wanted to be engaged in joyful learning.

Since becoming an educator, I have surrounded myself with people that I admire, people that inspire, people that have something to teach, and from whom I can learn. I know that learning a new way of doing things is a challenge, but with the right set of tools and strategies, anything and everything is possible.

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