Our Joyful Learning Community curates programs and workshops for families and educators that promote an appreciation and respect for nature and the contributions of historically excluded people. Our learning experiences seek to honor culture, explore well-being, and inspire joy. We do this by centering the roles and stories of Indigenous, Black and other People of the Global Majority in nature, outdoor recreation, and environmental education.


Our Services

The programming through Our Joyful Learning Community offers a wonderful blend of nature based, social justice and active learning opportunities with self-directed child led learning through play. Add to that the mixed age range and diverse community and you have exactly the learning space our family is always seeking. Thankful it exists here in Nashville.

This program came at a time when children had been separated and at home. It gave them a chance to learn about gardening and interact with a few children in a safe and healthy way. It integrated healthy life skills, growing healthy foods and also gave them time to play outside for the first time in over a year! Thank you!

The six-week gardening program was exactly what my kids (and I) needed this spring. We are thankful to have had time outdoors, gardening and learning with other families. We have also enjoyed participating in several shorter events with Our Joyful Learning Community.

We have loved out time w/Ashley and Our Joyful Learning Community. Ashley’s programming and teaching style is so engaging for all different ages and my kids loved the hands-on learning opportunities. We have also loved being part of the community of families that Ashley has cultivated. We love OJLC!